GHP has been associated with Celosia Bombay for a number of years.


Our enthusiasm and excitement for this seed crop has never diminished.

Bombay is a superb 'up market' variety with round stems, flat combs, new appealing colour's truly uniform growth.

The new Bombay series can give higher planting density to 80 plants per meter square, due to greater disease resistance, strong stems, especially at neck of stem and shorter well spaced leaves.

Available Type:

Fidor / Fiora / Figo / Orange / Pink / Salmon / Fire / Rose / Yellow-Gold / Purple

Bombay Fidor
Bombay Figo
Bombay Fiora
Bombay Yellow-Gold
Bombay Fire
Bombay Rose
Bombay Salmon
Bombay Purple
Bombay Pink
Bombay Orange
Bombay Velvet
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