Green Harvest Pacific (GHP) prides itself in being one of the oldest breeders of calla in New Zealand and a world leader in pot plant and cut flower calla breeding.


Our varieties are bred by experienced New Zealand breeders for the local and overseas conditions. 


We pride ourselves on intensive testing of our lines with local cut flower and pot producers as well as with our experienced counterparts on all 5 continents.


GHP is Ministry of Agriculture (MAF) accredited resulting in the seamless movement of our tubers to all destinations in the world.


Our bulbs are all produced in New Zealand under best practices that promote a healthy environment.


Our bulbs are derived from tissue culture produced in New Zealand and have been subjected to multi-stage virus indexing for known viruses.


Our customers are assured that the bulbs they are receiving are free of known viruses and can be confident of the resultant product.



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